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Buddhist Monk For a Day

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We had an early wake up this morning. We got up at 4::30, which for sensible people is still the mddle of the night, and had morning prayers at Shao Lin temple with the buddhist monks in the temple's great hall. While the chanting was on Sanskrit and we didn't understand it didn't really matter because if it was in Mandarin we wouldn't have understood it either. The prayers lasted about an hour, but it was amazing to comprehend that we were in midst of prayers with monks in the birthplace of jung fu. After prayers we had breakfast with the monks, and then helped with chores around the temple.

We then went back to Small Dragon kung fu school and had another two hour workout, but this time we got weapons! After working near to exhaustion we got a break for lunch, had a quick rest, and then it was back to the school for two more hours. We are working on a traditional combination of Shao Lin kung fu to perform for the monks tomorrow. While its been quite trying I'm sure we will all pull it off excellently!

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Harv said...

Sounds like they are working you guys, but that is great! It is always neat to be invited to participate in religious ceremonies. I saw you in the video, you tiger. Nice cameo.

Changing Connections said...


You mention something no one else has noted: that in your subsequent practices, you were given weapons. Impressive yet scary.

You seem nervous for your Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration tomorrow, but I am certain your performance as a group will be terrific. Please have someone make a video of it and post to one of the blogs. ENJOY!

You are so correct in stating that by participating in something so different and unique you learn more. Hands on and on-site learning in a global environment with Discovery will spoil you for any other kind of travel, I suspect. Guess you can rule out at least one career pathway, right?

How do you think the monks view their daily routine? You may find it monotonous, but clearly they seem fit for the life they chose. What makes the difference?

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN LC Blog Coordinator

Karen Wells said...

I glad you have confidence that you guys will pull off the performance of a lifetime. We'll know soon enough! Good luck. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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