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Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ni hao everyone! This morning we had quite an experience. We had a two hour kung fu workout at Small Dragon kung fu school. After we woke up and had our "breakfirst" as our Chinese guides call it we got in the bus and headed down to the school. Everyone was really excited for today and couldn't wait. Stephenie was so anxious to start kicking butt she decided to try out her moves by attacking a wall. Needless to say I doubt it turned out the way she imagined it would.

When we got to our class we were split up into two groups and each group had two masters teaching them. After a quick jog and some stretches as a warm up we were ready for the real stuff. The master would show us a move and then we would repeat that move. We built move upon move until we had a highly complex combination together. Then as we repeated the combination over and over the masters would come around fixing our form and making us hold each position so we became stronger. The masters were very intense and hardly smiled. They expected the same seriousness and perfection from all of us. For some who are not the next Bruce Lee that was a little difficult.

What is so intense about kung fu is that every pose works your body so hard. Everyone was working up major sweats and many of us left pretty sore. Some of the poses and transitions in and out of poses were very quick and it really gave you a good workout. After our next few sessions I'm sure we will all be in excellent shape.

The workout may have been difficult, but there was something fulfilling about it too. The sense of accomplishment leaves you very empowered and despite being worked super hard I think everyone left our first lesson in great spirits!

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Karen Wells said...

Your whole trip has been full of activities that will empower you. From your hike on the Great Wall to the knowledge you've gained from discussing culture with the locals, you are empowered. DSA activities are great, but I don't really think the people who planned them realized how powerful they would be. Carry that sense of empowerment with you wherever you go and you will be indestrucible.

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