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Riley's China Adventure

Home Again

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We have been back from our awesome trip almost a week now and it has given me time to think. So much of what we did was so unbelievable and I'll never get the chance to do those kinds of things again. Who does a trek through the jungle next to the great wall and learn ShaoLin kung fu from warrior monks in the same week? This trip was an experience to be sure and one that I'm sure will have a positive influence not only on my life, but on those of everyone that went on it. The places we went and things we did are truly life-altering. Not to mention the many lifelong friends I have made. (We are already planning our first reunion.) I remember so much of the trip very vivdly and I think its because they are memories that will always stay with me. Daniel who went on the trip and goes to my school as well has two classes with me this year and I could not be more excited. This trip has been not only the trip of a lifetime, but a trip I think will play a huge part in shaping what I do with the rest of my lifetime.


Karen said...

So glad you and Daniel have classes together. I am sure the time you spent in China together has helped you form a sronger friendship. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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