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Riley's China Adventure

Ping Pong and Temples

Monday, August 3, 2009

China has been awesome so far! After a really long flight and a quick rest on our first day we started off on a day of adventure. This mornng we went to the temple of heaven and did tai chi there. Then we went to see the beautiful and awe inspiring Forbidden City. We ended off the day by practicing ping pong with chinese students. At first I was pretty hopeless, but after some correction on my form, I was ready to play. While I still lost miserably I had a lot of fun!

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TechTonya said...

My name is Thomas. It is 17days before I'm eight. How do you play ping pong? What were was the name of the temples? Can you post some picture for me to see? I play basketball.

Son of Tonya WIlson, NJ DEN LC Events Team

Karen Wells said...

Riley, It sounds like you a great day. The ping pong seems to be the favorite of everyone. When we were in South Africa, my students especially enjoyed the time spent with the children at the youth center. Seeing how kids from different cultures live is always eye opening. Keep posting!

Changing Connections said...

Losing doesn't matter, does it, when you are having so much fun playing the game. Sports have a global appeal and unite cultures. Do you find it interesting that the trip begins with sports?

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

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